The cost of ignoring marketing (it’s more than you think)

When you don’t focus on building a sales pipeline, your consulting business suffers from a lack of quality prospects.  But that’s not all.

Ignoring sales and marketing just because you’re focused on client delivery has another major consequence.

It’s this:

When you finally need another client and start scrambling to find one, you’ll have no idea what sales and marketing approaches actually work.

Things move so fast these days with new tools and technology that if you’re out of touch for a while, you’ll lack real insights when you get back in the sales and marketing game.

❌ You won’t know what tactics work.
❌ You won’t know what channels works.
❌ You won’t know which marketing resources to hire.

A lack of insights will cost you your most precious resource: TIME.

By the time you figure out how to land your next client, you’ll have lost a few weeks or even months.

Losing revenue for a few weeks or a few months every year – how much is that costing you?

What could you do if you had consistent cash flow for 12 months every year?

✅ Invest in better people?
✅ Create new solutions?
✅ Expand to new markets?

The possibilities are endless for your consulting business. Only if you build a consistent sales pipeline, though.

Ready to add $100k-$500k revenue to your consulting business in 12 months or less without burning out? Schedule a call and let me show you how.

Image credit: KristyGlas