Outside Consultant vs Internal Team

“Yes we have a problem but we’re not hiring a consultant. We’ll do this ourselves”.

In consulting, your biggest competitor often isn’t another consultant, but an internal resource.

How can you stand out and win?

Build a transformational offer.

By offering to transform an organization, business unit, or department, you leverage your unique process and outside perspective—something internal resources lack.

Ensure your client receives clear outcomes, such as:
👉 Increased revenue
👉 Higher profit
👉 Reduced attrition
👉 Lower costs
👉 Greater share of wallet
👉 Enhanced productivity

…or other meaningful results they value.

Too risky?

If you blend in and simply trade time for money, why should they hire you over an internal option? To make prospects take notice and choose you, lead with a transformational offer. It’s not just about competing; it’s about winning.

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Image credit: Dalle-3